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In Your Words

We are all here for the same purpose, to help move closer to a cure for multiple sclerosis. However, we each have a different reason for caring about this cause, a different motivation for being a part of this incredible event.

On this page are some of the different reasons you have given us in your own words for why you chose participate in Walk MS. Tell us why YOU participate!

 "I am walking for myself and all others who have MS. I was diagnosed almost a year ago, and want to participate while I can!" - Sue


 "I walk for my Aunt Cassie who has had it since the age of 22, for my brother who was just diagnosed last year, and myself. I want to raise money to find a STOP THIS DISEASE! Hopefully I can make a difference." - Corine

 "I am walking in honor of my Mother and Aunt! Two sisters that have MS!" - Hekima Clark

 "I walk to remember my mom, Judy, who lived gracefully with MS for 30 years." - Diana

 "I walk because I was diagnosed with RRMS in April 2011. I want to see a cure for this disease so that I can watch my daughter grow up and enjoy activities with her that I can no longer enjoy and participate in." - Stacia Rochee

 "I am walking for 4 members of my family who were diagnosed with MS: 3 sisters and one niece. We need to find a cure for future generations." - Necie

 "I am walking for my mother who lived with MS for almost 20 years before she passed in 1999. I walk for all the daughters, sons and children of those with MS for a cure!" - Wanda

 "I am walking for my very dear friend, Carol. I hope that one day soon they will find a cure for her and everyone else with the diagnosis." - Caroll

 "I am walking to say THANK YOU to every individual and organization that helps us all get through this. Sometimes the smallest, even anonymous, aloha makes a life changing difference. You are that appreciated! MAHALO!!" - Debbie Schultz

 "I am walking for me - I was diagnosed in 2004!"
-Kristen Thompson-Dembeck

"I am walking for myself, diagnosed in 2012, and for all the wonderful, strong, and caring women and men I have met through my diagnosis. It's time for our light to shine and to find answers and hope, together."
- Kristin S.

"I walk for those who no longer can, for those who have walked before and have passed on and for me because I still can. After my diagnosis in 2010 with the love and support of Ian, Manda, Candice, Andrew, family and circle of friends we WALK TO FIND A CURE."

"I walk for my mother, Laurieann, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was only 16 years old. She died when I was 10 at the age of 36.  She never stopped smiling even when she couldn't speak anymore. She is my rock, my hero, my inspiration."
-Katie G.

"I am walking to support my Aunt Jackie, who was diagnosed in the 90's.  My Aunt Jackie is as real as they come, she speaks her mind no matter the outcome or to save someones feelings. She has always supported me so I support her by walking."
-Richard LeGrier

"I never got to meet my maternal grandmother, she died at age 35 from complications from MS, my mom was only 17 when she lost her mother, she was put in a nursing home."
-Tracey Stefanucci

"I walk to support others with us AND to show my children that MS won't stop me from being ME. I have the biggest support team, Ashby Angels and I love each and everyone one of them..that is why I walk!!!"
-Dawn...Team Ashby Angels

"I walk for both my mom and aunt. Two of my best friends and both strong for fighting MS together. " - Lindsey

 "I am walking for myself, I have MS, and for everybody that has it...."

"I am walking in honor of my mother, Louise who had MS for most of her life. She died at age 55! Please join me on April 14, 2013 In Reston, VA! " - Linda Blier Guida

 "We are walking for our wife, mother, sister, and cousin Kristin who was diagnosed with RRMS in 2012."
-William Morgan

"I walk for MS because my cousin Shantice Foster passed away on my sister's birthday, 3/22. I have been doin the walk every since my aunt Pam introduced us to it. Now my cousin Tasha has just discovered she has MS so I am going to do it (for) her " - tyeesha foster

"We walked for our mother La'Mattie who was diagnosed with MS in 2011 also for our grandmother who also has MS. Even when my mother doesn't feel well she keeps moving. She gives us her all. We love you Mommy..." -Destinee, Loria, and Martina

"I am participating because, my neice, Shauntice Foster passed away on March 22,2012 while battling MS. Her mother Pamela and the rest of our family and friends have been participating for years..." - Fred

"I'm walking for my mother, Emelita, who was diagnosed with MS in 2009 and went to heaven in January 2012. I walk so others may someday have a cure." - Louisa

"I am walking for my mom, Jeanine who diagnosed with MS in 1992 and now with PML." - Emily Neal

"I am walking for myself, my cousin Gary, several friends, and for everyone who has to fight this disease." -Kai

"I walk for my friend Kristine who was diagnosed this year, but has had the disease for 10 years. She is a fighter and battling hard." - Kim

"I'm walking to help find a cure for the 350,000+ people in the US and 2,000,000+ people throughout the world fighting MS - but mostly for my wife, Cathy" - Bill Onufrychuk

"I am walking in honor of my pop pop, Don, who died several years ago with MS. He IS missed. He was a great man. When I was younger, I never even noticed he never got up out of his chair when we came to give him HUGS." - Sue Fenwick, MD

"I was diagnosed this year in January. I walk so that my daughter and her kids and my son and his kids are not affected by this disease. Hopefully they can grow to know a world without MS and the pain it causes." -Dennis of Herndon

"I've seen this disease devastate bodies and minds, bankrupt families, challenge the smartest people I've ever met, but also inspire greatness where you'd least expect to find it."

"I am participating because someone I care about has MS. I feel the suffering of Facebook friends also. I have not raised much so feeling bad about that. I never ask for money but this is an exception." - Anne

"I'm walking for my sister Mary Jo. She was diagnosed in 2008 and lives in Illinois. I can't be there for her, so I'll be here doing what I can." - Laura

"Debbie's Dozens has dozens of walkers that support not only Debbie but the many dozens of others effected by MS. This is our 1/2 dozen year and we are thrilled to be part of the MS Walk!"

"My grandmother, my aunt, and my mother have all gotten this crippling disease. My aunt died from complications due to MS. I walk for them, and I've been walking for nearly 10 years." - Carol

"I am walking on April 21st... I will be walking for those that walked before, with me, those that can't walk, and those that support my walk on 4/21/12. I will walk 3 miles." -Charmaine Singelton

"I walk, and support others with MS who walk, to show one does not need to be defined by their MS diagnosis... Rather to be recognized, celebrated and encouraged because of what we do WITH OUR MS DIAGNOSIS!!" - Tyra Simpkins, MS Y.A.N.A.

"I walk because my husband was diagnosed with MS last year at the age of 29. We want a world free of MS for our future children." -Laura

"This will be my first year participating after being diagnosed in April 2011. I am walking to show that I can overcome this, I want to show my daughter that I can beat this battle." - Stacia Rochee

"I walk for my sister, Robin, who met Jesus on October 14th. She fought the long battle always believing a cure would be found. I also walk for Carrie, James, Dennis, and Glo who presently are fighting MS. I also walk for me because I can." -Toni J. Shannon

"I am walking in support of my daughter Sabyne who was diagnosed at the age of 16 and my sister Darlene who was diagnosed in her late 30s. I really would like to see a world without MS." - Brenda (Bree) Jones

"I am supporting one of my friends who has MS. I want people to be aware more of ms so there is more research in the field to find cures and better medicine."

"My great aunt was bedridden my entire life, her daughter-in-law has been diagnosed, and my childhood neighbor is now paralyzed. MS has affected lives all around me and now my beautiful Robin is fighting that good fight. Love her!" - Joe M.

 "I have had two members of my family diagnosed with MS: my cousin, Marilyn, who died of complications of MS, and my wonderful brother, Bill, who was diagnosed 30 years ago, still plays golf! I want Bill's outcome or better for everyone with MS!"

"I am walking for my much-loved sister Jackie and I wanted to do something to raise awareness and be supportive." - CaSandra

 " walking for my cousin, Kristi. I believe that with one step at a time, all of us can make a difference and find a cure for MS! :)" - Nikki

"I am walking to raise research money and awareness so that an MS cure can be found." - Vicki Ibarra

 "I walk in honor of my late father Ralph Beverly its the least I can do. I also walk so we can find a cure so other people don't have to suffer like he did." - Nikki W.

"I am walking for my grandmother who passed, my aunt who is battling this disease & for myself; newly diagnosed in October of 2011. I'm walking to find a cure & bring hope!" - Claire

 "Greetings All, Please join me in supporting my daughter, Darniece, and the National MS Society's efforts to free the world of MS. Thank you MUCH!"

"I am walking for my mom who has had MS for about 10 years. Its very hard to watch someone who has been active all her life bound to sitting at home suffering from pain day in and day out. I am walking to help fight MS!" - Erika Adams

"I am walking for my mom, Debbie, and my Aunt Linda who have both had MS for many years. I am walking in their honor and to help find a CURE!" - Alexis B.

"I am walking not for myself but for my family. I have MS but my children need to see that it doesn't have me." - Dawn

 "I am walking for my cousin and best friend Bonnie who was diagnosed 4 years ago." - Alison McClurg

"I walk to help find a cure, and it something very dear and close to my heart. I have to walk no excuse not to." - Barbara

 "I walk because I was diagnosed two years ago on January 21 and I needed to do something to be proactive and make a difference in my life and the lives of those also affected by MS. It keeps me strong and encouraged." - Marni Adams

"I am walking for my husband, diagnosed at the age of 39. I'm also hoping that a cure is near so that my son's future kids, and my beloved future grandchildren will have light at the end of the tunnel if, God forbid, this disease should be passed on." - Terri in MD

 "I walk because someone I love very dearly has MS and I want to make a difference in her life and everyone else's."

"I walk because of the sense of community and overall positive feeling the event created."

“I participate because I want to finish and know I helped make a difference. Also being able to let my children experience it as well.”

 "I participate because I love seeing all the people turning out to support the cause. Still being able to finish the walk after living with MS for 13 years is a very emotional experience."

“I am walking for my mother! She is worth the walk! Let's fight for a cure!” -Sara

"I'm walking for my niece Carlene (20 yrs old) who was diagnosed last year!!!" -Diane Bowman

"I have two reasons why I do the "Walk for MS" in Waldorf, MD. First reason is for my wife Jen Pikolycky who has suffered for nine years. Second, to raise money to STOP and ElIMINATE this disease that affects my family.”

"I walk because I believe that together we can make a difference.  I walk because I am hopeful for a cure in the future and because I am thankful that I am able to participate."

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Tell us why YOU walk!
Share your motivation, whether its to honor or support a particular individual living with MS who has inspired you to walk, for yourself, or just a general desire to get in shape or make the world a better place.  

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