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Team Awards

Congratulations to our Top Teams of 2013!

Top Fundraising Teams:


Site Team Name Team Captain Total 
Bowie, MD V3: The Remix Sara Spivey Roseman  $10,142
Manassas, VA M.S. KETEERS Kevin and Candace Thie  $11,962
Reston, VA Onos  Cathy Onufrychuk  $49,176
Rockville, MD Milman et al. Caren Milman  $28,183
Waldorf, MD Lifelong Walkers Tereasa McCrady  $4,862
Washington, D.C. BlassKickers Bronwen Blass  $12,420

Largest Community Team:
V3: The Remix, Sara Spivey Roseman
72 Members

Top Fundraising Community Team:
Onos, Cathy Onufrychuk

Largest Corporate Team:
Booz Allen Hamilton, DC - Greg Brill
 149 Members

Top Fundraising Corporate Team:
Booz Allen Hamilton, DC - Greg Brill

How Elite are your Feet?

We know hard it can be to reach high fundraising goals, but we also know how vital those dollars are in funding research for a cure while also helping people living with MS.  Teams that raise more than $10,000 by the pledge deadline will be recognized as leaders in the movement to create a world free of MS.  Elite Feet Team Club members will be rewarded, praised, applauded, and celebrated with special team benefits before, during, and after the walk. We will do everything short of a ticker-tape parade to make you feel exactly how special and important you are to the MS movement!

Congratulations to the 2013 Elite Feet Top Fundraising Teams! 


Gold Level Team: $30,000 - $49,999

Team Captain

ONOS - $49,176

Cathy Onufrychuk


Silver Level Team: $20,000 - $29,999 


Milman et al. - $28,183

Caren Milman


Bronze Level Teams: $10,000+


Team Stanton - $12,590

Susan Stanton

BlassKickers - $12,420

Bronwen Blass

Team Gallagher - $12,375

Veronica Gallagher-Kaelin

M.S. KETEERS - $11,962

Kevin and Candace Thie

Cure Crew - $11,625

Kathryn Hartig & Meg Morgensen

Mary's Marchers - $11,490

Mary Mason

Masterful Milers - $11,305

Heather Randolph


Rachel Miller

Booz Allen Hamilton, DC - $10,553

Greg Brill

V3: The Remix (aka Vern's Voluptuous Vixens) - $10,142

Sara Spivey Roseman

MOM Team - $10,135

Jennifer Carroll 



For more information about teams for Walk MS, contact the Chapter at (202) 296-5363, option 2 or email

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